Herdade da Rocha is a small wine producer located in Crato, in Portalegre, on the slopes of the São Mamede mountain range. This Alentejo hill of granite soil is a unique place for the production of different wines.

  • Cattle

    We are breeders of deer, sheep and goats.

  • Events

    We do weddings, retreats, team buildings.

  • Grape

    We produce grapes for our wines.

  • Gastronomic experiences

    Experiences harmonized with our wines.

  • Tours

    Visits to the game park and the flocks of sheep.

  • Wine experiences

    From treading on foot to wine tasting.

  • Stays

    We offer comfortable and sophisticated stays.

  • Activities

    Golf tournaments or moments to enjoy this modality.


Our mission is to provide a unique, holistic experience that goes far beyond getting to know a region, wine or cuisine. Herdade da Rocha offers inspiration, pleasure and harmony, creating eternal memories.


The beginning of the project dates back to 2009 with the planting of vines on the Herdade, with a focus on grape varieties well adapted to the Alentejo climate and capable of producing elegant and fresh wines. In addition to wine production, the Herdade has a hunting area where families of deer and fallow deer live in the wild, enjoying the beauty of the landscape that surrounds them.


The cellar, filled with works of art, is one of the many places to visit in Herdade da Rocha. The hill also has a Boutique Lodge and a Restaurant where visitors can linger and enjoy the Alentejo cuisine accompanied by the wines produced by the house. A unique place where all the senses are awakened to live extraordinary experiences.