Dá Terra à Mesa: Como a sustentabilidade faz parte do nosso compromisso

From Earth to the Table: How sustainability is part of our commitment

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic, which is why it is essential that we reflect on the importance of preserving the environment and adopting sustainable practices in all sectors that involve us. And it is no different in the wine production process and in the Terras & Terroir Group restaurants. We work to make it possible to reconcile the quality of our wines and our cuisine with the preservation of the environment in each region where we are located.

Wine production has always been intrinsically linked to nature, depending exclusively on the production of healthy and quality grapes to obtain quality wines. Thus, the health of our vineyards is essential for the pursuit of our mission.

The properties of the Terras & Terroir Group practice viticulture based on an integrated production system, protecting their natural resources such as soil, water and biodiversity. With these practices we significantly reduce dependence on harmful chemicals, minimizing the environmental impact. Likewise, we have a sense of responsibility for the health of our employees, who benefit from less contact with these substances. We believe that the true meaning of sustainability is when we not only take care of the environment that surrounds us, but mainly when we value the work of each one, worrying about the well-being of our team and providing a better quality of life in the professional field.

In addition to contributing to the economy of our regions, sustainability also encompasses a social and community dimension. The presence in our communities is expressed through events, local celebrations and encouraging sustainable tourism. These initiatives then strengthen the bonds between the communities and our group, creating mutual benefits and a sense of shared purpose.

In our restaurants we are responsible for serving meals using mainly seasonal products and some even harvested in our own gardens, a few meters from the kitchens. This factor provides our visitors with a greater immersion in the true cuisine of our regions, bringing the concept “From Earth to the Table".

We know that our choices today will be reflected in tomorrow, everything we sow today will be reaped in the future. Therefore, we are responsible for planting good seeds, values ​​and principles that will contribute to leaving our mark as true ambassadors of the terroirs of our regions, in addition to preserving our history and traditions for future generations.

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